We are all elite.

We’re building a future where the genetics we are born with are just a starting point. Imagine a future where a single injection cures a lifetime of disease.

Eclode is a preclinical biotechnology startup developing breakthrough gene-based therapies to treat crippling, unmet needs.

Proteins are the building blocks of life, but a single small protein has more mathematically possible conformations than there are atoms in the universe. Targeting proteins without an ability to predict structure and interaction proceeds as enlightened guesswork. Within the past few years, Moore’s Law and advances in deep learning have made optimization problems of this magnitude tractable.

Eclode's combination of deep learning engineering and wet lab science produce functionally optimal protein-peptide interactions. Results that once took months now take minutes, allowing us to target high-potential pathways where it has been historically challenging to achieve specificity.

Eclode is working to apply these advances to protein and gene therapies that will save lives.


Number of protein-coding rare genetic mutations in every person in the world. Most of these have no effect, whereas some rare mutations give special advantages or disadvantages.

0 yrs

Pfizer, Amgen, Acceleron, and Novartis have all experienced protein and antibody failures in the muscle space while the data for gene therapies remain strong.


Number of possible sequences for a small 100 amino acid peptide, post translational modifications further increase this complexity.

0 million

Number of Americans affected by a genetic rare disease, which tend to be chronic and life-threatening.